Macarons are $2.50 each. The Macarons are made from scratch daily allowing you to choose any color and flavor. We offer favor boxes that can hold two or three macarons. The cost is + $0.50 per box (including labor for attaching ribbons, etc) Minimum order for Custom Macarons with Favor Boxes is 50 macarons or 25 favor boxes. Our team will assemble favor boxes with macarons, ribbon and any tags or stickers. Two count macaron favors are $5.50 each. Three count macaron favors are $8.00 each. 

Gold, silver or any other color design on macaron + $0.10 each.

Custom Orders

Any order over 100 will receive a 10% discount. Minimum order for Custom Macarons is 50 macarons. For orders smaller than 50 macarons will be limited to the flavors and colors of the day.

  • 50 Macarons – Two Flavors and Color Choices
  • 75 Macarons – Three Flavors and Color Choices
  • 100 Macarons – Four Flavors and Color Choices

Please place order 5-10 days in advance to guarantee preferred color and flavor choices.

Mini Macarons

We also offer a Mini Macaron, about 1” wide at $2.00 each. We have favor boxes that can hold 1 Mini Macaron for $0.10 each. 50 count minimum order required.

Centerpiece Ideas

We offer a Macaron Tower, great idea for a centerpiece or dessert table! The tower can go as high as 10 tiers (5 tier minimum) and can hold up to 180 macarons (53 minimum)

  • 5 Tier Macaron Tower stands about 10” high – holds 53 macarons
  • 10 Tier Macaron Tower stands about 20” high – cold 180 macarons

$20 Rental Fee (non-refundable)

$120 Deposit (refunded once tower and all tiers are returned)


  • Vanilla*
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Mixed Wild berries
  • Passion Fruit
  • Apricot
  • Coconut*
  • Apple
  • Orange*
  • Bergamot*
  • Lavender*
  • Rose*
  • Jasmine*
  • Pistachio
  • Chocolate Ganache or Buttercream
  • Nutella
  • Cookies + Cream
  • Peanut butter creme (with or without raspberry jam in the center)
  • Hazelnut (w/ or w/out strawberry jam in the center)
  • Honey
  • Jam (Strawberry or Raspberry)
  • Grand Marnier (orange flavored cognac liquor)
  • Caramel
    *Flavors that stay white

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