We make the French Macarons from scratch allowing you to choose any color and flavor.

Below are the options for filling flavors, please let us know if you have anything else in mind.
– Vanilla
– Strawberry
– Raspberry
– Blueberry
– Mixed Wild berries
– Passion Fruit
– Mango
– Apricot
– Pistachio
– Chocolate Ganache or Buttercream
– Nutella
– Cookies + Cream
– Coconut*
– Orange Blossom*
– Bergamot*
– Lavender*
– Rose*
– Lemon*
– Peanut butter creme (w/ or w/out raspberry jam in the center)
– Hazelnut (w/ or w/out strawberry jam in the center)
– Honey
– Jam (Strawberry or Raspberry)
– Grand Marnier (orange-flavored cognac liquor)

*Flavors that stay white
Macarons are $3.50 each.
Gold, silver, or any other color design on macaron + $0.10 each.

We offer favor boxes that can hold two or three macarons. The cost is + $0.50 per box (including labor for attaching ribbons, etc)
Ribbon and stickers will come from you.
Please drop off the ribbon you would like to be used and our staff will tie up each box. We recommend Michael’s Craft Store or A.C Moore for ribbon.